Personal Injury Attorney in Brentwood NY

Safety technology has made incredible advancements over the years. There are a wide array of alerts and autonomous actions a vehicle can be programmed to assist in avoiding a crash or incident. However, driver error, mechanical failure, and the actions of others sometimes may cause a crash that causes personal injury.

Here are a few key steps in you are involved in a vehicular incident.

  1. Call the police and immediately explain if there is an injury requiring medical attention.
  2. Document what can be done safely. Perhaps pictures of the vehicle or vehicles.
  3. Stay safe. Be watchful for oncoming traffic and stay far enough away from the vehicle in case another driver runs into the damaged vehicles.

Do not resist medical attention. It is very common to feel shaken up or agitated with adrenaline where the underlying injuries do not appear until later. Particularly with back and neck injuries, the pain and stiffness may appear days later. Other pain may seem minor at the time of the incident but may become more serious later. Describe the events as clearly as you can to the authorities and medical professionals.

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