The Evolution of Foreclosure Litigation … and Where it Stands Today

Featured article by James Misiano appearing in The Suffolk Lawyer - February 2024 edition.
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Personal Injury Attorney in Brentwood NY

Safety technology has made incredible advancements over the years. There are a wide array of alerts and autonomous actions a vehicle can be programmed to assist in avoiding a crash or incident. However, driver error, mechanical failure, and the actions of others sometimes may cause a crash that causes personal ...
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Foreclosure Prevention Assistance

You lost your job and you cannot pay your mortgage. By the time your loan falls into foreclosure status you have regained income but are unsure of the most effective way to address the situation. A loan modification is a specific financial tool that our experts at Misiano Law are ...
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The Loan Modification Experts

It feels like we are in 2007 all over again. Interest rates have soared while home prices have risen dramatically as well. That being said, we don't have the kind of predatory lending that led up to the collapse of 2008. Still, numerous reports confirm a rise in the number ...
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Misiano Law Office Now Open at New Brentwood Location

Brentwood, N.Y. - James F. Misiano, P.C. Is pleased to announce the relocation of his law office to 130 Third Avenue in Brentwood, N.Y.. The new location is easily accessible for serving both the Nassau and Suffolk County court system and sits in the heart of central Long Island. “I ...
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Arbitration or Mediation: Which One is Right For Your Case?

Arbitration or Mediation: Which One is Right For Your Case? Here’s the difference & why each may be a good alternative to a court trial.Arbitration is an out-of-court, private hearing before one or a panel of arbitrators to determine the outcome of a civil dispute between two or more parties. ...
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