Misiano Law Office Now Open at New Brentwood Location

Brentwood, N.Y. - James F. Misiano, P.C. Is pleased to announce the relocation of his law office to 130 Third Avenue in Brentwood, N.Y.. The new location is easily accessible for serving both the Nassau and Suffolk County court system and sits in the heart of central Long Island. “I ...
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Arbitration or Mediation: Which One is Right For Your Case?

Arbitration or Mediation: Which One is Right For Your Case? Here’s the difference & why each may be a good alternative to a court trial.Arbitration is an out-of-court, private hearing before one or a panel of arbitrators to determine the outcome of a civil dispute between two or more parties. ...
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Foreclosure & Mortgage Modification – How Misiano Law Can Help

One aspect of my law practice that brings me much personal satisfaction is when I can help a client keep their home after they've fallen behind on their mortgage payments.  People sometimes run into a string of bad luck, can be temporarily out of work, experience poor health of a ...
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“Just Shut Up!” – Be Smart & Use the 5th Amendment to Protect Yourself

“Just Shut Up!” That is the answer to: "What to say when the police want to question you?" The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states (in part) that no person shall be compelled to bear witness against him/herself in any criminal offense. What does that mean?  In short, it means ...
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What to Consider as a Passenger in a Motor Vehicle Accident

September 2018 - I am a passenger in my friend’s car… strike that, my best friend’s car, and she is involved in a motor vehicle accident. I am seriously hurt.  How can I possibly sue my best friend? This question has been posed to me quite often over the course ...
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Thinking of Buying a Home? Read This First!

July 2018 - The real estate market is heating up on Long Island, and you are thinking about entering the hunt for a home. So, what should you do? First, I would recommend seeing a mortgage banker at the bank you do business with or at a reputable local private mortgage banking ...
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