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Client Testimonials

David K.

Since 1992, James has provided my family and I with the legal services that preserved our rights and liberty. Whether it was closings on homes, preparing wills or trusts for our children, objective divorce counseling, reading business contracts to ensure my interests were protected or run-ins with the law that required professional finesse, James has been there unconditionally. He is an integral component to my success and the strength of our family; moreover he is a quality human being with whom anyone would be fortunate to be acquainted with.


Jennifer K.

I can’t believe this happened to me. After a messy divorce, I relocated from New York to North Carolina. After an accident, I discovered several traffic tickets from New York hadn’t reached me, resulting in a suspended notice. I had tickets, no license and no way to look for a job in my new state. This was horrible. But then I phoned James Misiano and everything changed.

I called James on a Monday. By Wednesday I already had results. James was flexible and extremely reasonable with payments. Best of all, I had fast results. James saved me thousands of dollars and a world of stress. He is a gem and aces! And I don’t even live in New York anymore.

Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference. Choosing a good person who knows what has to be done is easy. Tell him Jennifer sent you.


Joe L.

James Misiano has represented me on two separate occasions, once for a divorce and once for a car accident. The divorce was a very complicated, emotional and long case. From start to finish, Misiano was extremely thorough and precise executing all of my requests. Ultimately, he was very successful in achieving a favorable outcome that not only benefited me, but my children as well.

In the second one, I was faced with a situation where I got into a car accident and the other person involved sued me personally. I realized I was in need of a strong attorney and once again turned to James Misiano. As in the past, his communication was excellent and his response was always great. In the end, he was able to achieve all of the goals we set out for the case.

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