Foreclosure Prevention Assistance

You lost your job and you cannot pay your mortgage. By the time your loan falls into foreclosure status you have regained income but are unsure of the most effective way to address the situation.

A loan modification is a specific financial tool that our experts at Misiano Law are experienced in using to help the community. Why are loan modifications so effective?

Banks lend money. They do not desire to foreclose on a home and then become a property manager. They have incentive to keeping homeowners paying a mortgage rather than foreclose on the home and take possession of it. The modification process involves renegotiating the mortgage structure and terms with the lender.

The Law Office of James Misiano, located in Brentwood NY employs bilingual loan modification experts. They have the knowledge and expertise to review your income and expenses to determine if you may qualify for a loan modification before accepting payment for their services.

Once confirming you are a good candidate, they will work with you to gather the required financial documents in order to submit a completed loan modification application to your lender. They will continue to assist through every step of the modification process and will work hard to save your home from foreclosure.

Contact us at any time for a free consultation. It’s like calling 911 to save your home!

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