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Arbitration or Mediation: Which One is Right For Your Case?

Here’s the difference & why each may be a good alternative to a court trial.Arbitration is an out-of-court, private hearing before one or a panel of arbitrators to determine the outcome of a civil dispute between two or more parties. Usually, there is a lawsuit first filed in a civil court of the state (but…

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Leandra’s Law – What You Need to Know

March 2018 – What is Leandra’s Law? Technically, it is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192.2a(b) – a Class E Felony. The violation is operating a motor vehicle on a public highway while one’s ability to operate such vehicle is impaired by the influence of a drug (or alcohol) while a child…

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Misiano Wins Federal Appeal Judgment for Client

Misiano Wins Federal Appeal Judgment for Client On April 24, James Misiano argued a case before the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit – Green Tree Servicing vs. Christodoulakis. His clients, Christodoulakis, were sued in Federal District court by Green Tree for unjust enrichment of a sum of $295,000. “The case was a…

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Misiano Law is Located in the Heart of Long Island

From our centrally located office in Happaugue, NY, Misiano Law welcomes you at our convenient location off the Long Island Expressway. James F. Misiano has a long history of successful outcomes for his clients across his numerous areas of practice. He began serving Long Islanders and the greater Metropolitan area in 1980 and has built…

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Elder Law – Why You Should Plan Now to Avoid Problems Later

Caring for loved ones is never an easy task. Combine the emotional stress of an ailing parent or spouse with navigating the waters of obtaining their care, and one can not only become quickly overwhelmed but can lose precious assets they or their loved ones have worked hard to save. While many people talk about…

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