Areas Of Practice

Misiano Law practices in a wide variety of fields including, but not limited to, the categories listed below. Please contact us if you have an inquiry about how we can help in your particular situation.

Criminal Defense

If you are accused of a crime, retaining a lawyer is an immediate priority. Criminal defense begins as soon as an accusation is made, or even implied. Your defense spans all aspects of your case from the moment you are questioned, to indictment, and, if it reaches the court, trial. However, a plea bargain is often reached before trial. Criminal defense also includes appeals.

Personal Injury

Personal injury encompasses injuries to your body or mind, most often as a result of another’s negligence. This area covers injuries sustained in a multitude of ways: in the workplace, in a store, in a motor vehicle accident, caused by an assault, product defects, etc. These cases are part of civil law and are handled in a civil court.


When a loved one passes away and leaves behind a will, there are a lot of legal proceedings the family must follow to exercise the will. This involves resolving all claims, distributing the property as per instructions, and determining the will's validity, among other things. A will could be challenged if there are sufficient grounds. These include concerns such as the deceased’s mental status at the time the will was made.

Wills, Trust, & Estates

Creating a will or trust, or dealing with the general handlings of an estate, involves a great amount of legal work. For example, various legal restrictions may be placed on a trust, such as an age restriction for receipt of the trust, or a specific schedule for administering a trust. Misiano Law also handles executing trusts, as many people choose to have their lawyer be the executor or an overseer.

General Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation most often involves disputes in business matters, such as issues involving contracts, corporate governance, employment disputes, civil RICO, banking transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and franchise or shareholder disputes. In general, this encompasses any type of legal dispute related to business issues.

Commercial Transactions

Misiano Law handles any agreement between two or more parties for commercial purposes, including a one-time deal such as a sale or ongoing deals such as investments or joint ventures. Our team aids in all legal aspects of the transaction, from advising to drafting contracts and other legal documents, administering negotiations and execution.

Real Estate Transactions and Leasing

This is a large field spanning everything from the processes of buying or selling property, mortgages, and other contracts, to landlord and tenant laws. Misiano Law handles all legal aspects of transactions and leasing properties.

Traffic Law & DWI/DUI

Mr. Misiano can represent you in traffic law cases, including DWI/DUI, and speeding tickets.

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