TRAFFIC MATTERS – Having Counsel Can Make All the Difference in Traffic Court

Did you ever have to appear in traffic court?  Were you left wondering if you got the best “deal?” Well, chances are if you didn’t have legal counsel, you may have gotten the short end of the stick.

The Suffolk County Parking and Traffic Violation Agency (SCTPVA) is the agency that prosecutes most of the mundane tickets issued to motorists.  Multiple tickets within a three-year period may even cause you to lose your driving privileges.  So, is it really worth the risk to not have representation?

“I handle the defense of traffic violations at SCPTVA,” said Long Island attorney James Misiano. “Many times people are stopped and they are completely unaware that their license was suspended – usually for non-payment of a prior traffic fine that they let slip through the cracks.  It pays to retain counsel to handle traffic violations, even if it’s your first time.”

There are several advantages of retaining counsel in these matters.  Without question, your attorney can plea bargain a better deal on points and fines. “Why,” you ask? The prosecution understands that an attorney – if he opts for a trial – will present a polished, competent defense.  The prosecution will look to avoid the time and expense of trial.

A plea bargain that includes lesser points or no points on your license will save on insurance premiums in the future.  The motorist does not have to attend any other court appearance, and therefore, can attend work or school rather than sit at the traffic agency – which can literally take all day in some cases.

Finally, an attorney can present to the prosecutor certain special circumstances unique to your case, and thus, get that better “deal.”

The bottom line is traffic tickets can affect your ability to drive in New York State, and with reciprocity, in other states as well.  Protect your privilege to drive and retain Misiano Law to ensure covering all bases.

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